Saturday, July 4, 2009

John o Paul?

"Yeah, it always was. I've worked with other collaborators. Elvis Costello, for instance, was great to work with, and we did some great work together. But I'm sure Elvis himself would easily acknowledge that John is a hell of an act to follow. And now I realize that. It couldn't have been anyone. For years, I might have thought, Well, there may be someone. John was pretty good and we worked well together ... But you've got to remember, John and I knew each other when we were teenagers. We listened to the same records. We grew up to those records. We wore the same clothes. We admired the same kind of people. We had the same tastes. That informed the whole business. John and I were like twins. To find someone like that is pretty impossible. And hey, we were also damn good. We just got it on. We were hot. You can't replace someone like John, and I don't think he could've replaced someone like me." --Paul

Ahora solo tengo que decidir si soy John o Paul. Aunque diría que Paul, el sensible insensible, osease el que quería pero jamás lo demostraba :D ahhh como amo a mis Beatles y su compleja historia!.

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